‘Zambia’s Internet Must Be Unblocked’ : Opposition Calls On AS All Social Media Platforms Are Completely Down During Election

Zambia’s opposition presidential candidate has approached for the web to be reestablished after it was cut during Thursday’s firmly challenged decisions.

We call on ZICTA to immediately unblock the internet so citizens can follow the electoral process and continue with their lives unhindered. It’s a shame that even the PF who ordered the shutdown are issuing unbridled statements through VPN,” Hakainde Hichilema said in a tweet.

The final voting day passed off to a great extent calmly, however, President Edgar Lungu, who is looking for a subsequent term, said some viciousness was accounted for in the North-Western area, a fortification of Mr. Hichilema, where two individuals including a decision Patriotic Front (PF) party executive were killed.

“I’m also appalled by the amount of mayhem witnessed in North-Western, some parts of Western, and Southern provinces. Clearly, the elections in these places have not been free and fair,” he tweeted.

He said he had ordered that troops be reinforced in these three provinces.


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