When Politicians Fail Us, We Intend To Describe Them As Corrupt. Are We Not Accomplices? A Youth Activist Asked

A youth activist Tahiru Lukman on his Facebook timeline Writes; The world and actions of a man must not limit you!

When a young man is courageous and full of competence they brand you arrogant.

When a woman is distinguished and demonstrating quality trait’s and influencing peoples positively, they call her prostitute.

When the elder goes wrong, for Hippocrates, the elder cannot be wrong.

When you have money, society hails you. Death indeed has become synonymous to nobility.

When the politicians fail us, we intend described them as corrupt. Are we not accomplices?

When a young girl become pregnant, the mother takes the blame. What of the irresponsible father?

When you’re alone struggling to build your life. No one stood by you. It is now they can criticize?

When you were struggling to marry, no one help out. But they are now trying to separate you.

When you needed help. Your kin’s men never help out. But you are busily becoming a tribal bigot.

When there was no hope, you look for hope elsewhere.

The most important lesson’s in life is that; you need people to learn on. Although you might have been a victim of “WHEN” be a reason someone will have confidence in humanity.

Let us change the narrative of exclusion, sabotage and be each other’s keeper.


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