Base on the information reaching, American rapper Lil Wayne will not perform at the British live concert this end of the week after he was declined passage into the United Kingdom, coordinators have said. The 39-year-old’s 2011 UK tour was cancelled after his visa application was reportedly rejected by […]

With each passing day, cybercriminals are devising newer methods for phishing gullible individuals. Their latest strategies make it near impossible to detect if an email is genuine or fake even for large corporates. Thus without proper knowledge of this cyber-attack, organizations remain under a constant threat of getting social engineered […]

Dancehall act, Sonni Balli, has reportedly died of cardiac arrest in the United Kingdom. Mark Darlington, a friend of the artiste, confirmed his unfortunate demise on Thursday. The shocking news came three days after Sonni celebrated his 40th birthday on Monday, 6 June 2022. “Sonni Balli how could you do […]