Muslim Cleric: Marriege Registration Is Permisible In Islam

Muslim couples are being urged to enlist their relationships as per Islamic principles.

Sheik Dr Ismail Saeed Adam, the Ashanti Regional Imam of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah who settled on the decision, said registering marriages was not illegal in Islam.

Talking at a gathering of Regional Imams in Kumasi, he referred to section 2, refrain 282 of the Holy Quran to back his contention and asked Muslims to enroll their relationships as an issue of direness.

Regardless of whether you have been hitched for quite a while, register it since it is Islamic,” he underlined.

He said Islamic marriage was viewed as a social understanding and a legal agreement, subsequently there was nothing amiss with enlisting such relationships.

Sheik Dr. Adam clarified that Islamic couples should agree to the marriage both orally and recorded as a hard copy after a proper proposition and acknowledgment by the two gatherings.

“The Islamic marriage contract is endorsed within the sight of an Islamic appointed authority, Imam and a confided in senior with information on Islamic laws,” he said.

The Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, a Sunni Islamic group of Islam. is advancing the enrollment of Islamic relationships under a program to give marriage testaments to wedded Muslims the nation over.

We began it at the public level yet now our local workplaces have begun giving marriage declarations,” said Sheik Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, Deputy National Chief Imam.

He said they had liaised with the courts to give marriage testaments and urged Muslims to exploit the circumstance and sign up.

Sheik Mohammed said each Muslim could stroll into their workplaces, pick a structure and register for a marriage authentication.

As indicated by the initiative of Ahlus Sunnah, enrollment and securing of marriage declarations are not new, but rather in accordance with Islamic religion.

They hope to see future wedded couples with proof of marriage in composed structure as needed by the Islamic religion.

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