Mr. Maurice Miilu; My Greatest Teacher

From my primary school days in the 1990s to my territory level, I have met great minds, principles professional, friend’s as teachers. My relationship with my teachers has always been warm and welcoming; basically for three reason (i) one of the smartest kids among my peers (ii) confident and self ability to articulate (iii) neatly dressed students with a bright composer.

I have found memories of my technical skills teacher who has always expressed unconditional love and admiration for me. He was teaching a course that 99% of the class had no interest in. On the contrary, l had developed passion for his subject and never look back. He has a special place in my heart.

I have never struggle to choose you as my greatest teacher; you thought me determination, you inspired me to succeed and you keep in touch with me.

As l sat in your class in 2001 as you teacher’s English Language, my love for your approach, presentation style gave me a sense of excitement. The opportunity to have you as my teacher was short lived as you had to take a temporal break in the classroom. I had matured and because a senior and a prefect. I can’t forget the experience when you send a colleague to called me. Our formal meeting as a teacher and student was the best thing that ever happened to me; you praised me for elequince, pricission, and excellent command and delivery of the Queen’s dialect, when l was always called to speak to freshers on matters concerning the school library.

You continued to mark my English grammar, thought me summary at your personal time, and gave me tips to further improve my writing skills and elequince.

As a professional guidance and counselling master, you blended my training with your ability to position a young kid in the right path of development. I can’t pay you back; there is no reward that I can give you in return. I am happy that you are still alive and Allah is giving me the opportunity to celebrate you as my greatest teacher.

The interesting development is that many of us who pass through your hands have different encounters and experiences; in all, your name is always mentioned with excitement and admiration. I have missed you Daddy and will be visiting you in Nandom soon.

The significance of the day is so dear to me because my greatest teacher has implanted an everlasting footprints in me.

Stay Blessed Mr. Morris Milu
I wish you long life and prosperity.
Happy Teacher’s Day

My Name is Tahiru Lukman and Mr. Morris Milu; My greatest teacher.

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