Letter To My Constituents; Bawku Deserves Better!

The Bawku Central constituency is one of the most popular swing seat’s since the return to multi party democracy in 1992. This is because, the NPP and the NDC as well as an Independent candidate have all won the seat.

While other seats in most part of the Bawku enclave has the NDC dominating, same cannot be said to the Bawku Central Constituency, although the NDC have won Four out of seven elections in the parliamentary race.

It is not enough reason to conclude that, the NDC has an absolute urge in the up coming 2020 election.

Fact must be stated the NDC Hon. Mahama Ayariga has become unpopular as constituents continue to question the quality of his leadership style, giving his abysmal performance as the people’s representative.

On the scale of performance of Hon. Mahama Ayariga as MP for Bawku central, he has scored a failed mark (F9) haven been the most privileged politicians in his thirties to have an easy walk to Parliament in 2004 and mounted a come back in 2012 and dominated to 2016 and now trying to consolidate his political legacy as MP for Bawku central by manipulating to have secured the parliamentary bid through “bigwigs influence” as unopposed candidate.

The NDC must be told. There are noble men and women with integrity that will have been the people’s choice and not Hon. Manama Ayariga; for this the party will suffer defeat to the NPP in the parliamentary race.

It is worthy to note that Hon. Mahama Ayariga background was enough unifying factor to dealing and neutralizing the early days confrontations in Bawku, however, haven capitalized and squandered the opportunity, it will be Hippocratic to continue to engage in tribal political bigotry, when in actual fact none of these candidate’s can have a say or influence the skin of Bawku, because the history of the Town is far older and beyond their reach.

Let me equally admonished the good people of Bawku that, the bad roads, lack of adequate support to women, children, poverty and the general under development a by products of bad leadership with a self serving MP doesn’t affects only one particular ethnic group, but rather all of us.
To basic questions to my dear constituents;

  1. Of what use is political bigotry, when the party you may be toiling and dying for will not influence your area development?
  2. Also, of what use is your MP when he represent himself in Parliament and doesn’t influence development of your/ his constituency?

For an MP to have a accumulative of 12 year’s in Parliament and have very little to show for, additional four years will be a waste because for Hon. Mahama Ayariga Era has ended in 2020 and so if we endorsed him for 2021- 2024 Parliament then we must be ready to prolonged the state of our underdevelopment as a constituency.

Obseving the social engagement, interventions and the people’s at heart attitude of Madam Gabiana A. Agbanwa, l feel elated she could be a best option as reincarnated Late Madam Hawa Yakubu of Bawku central.

As Development consultant and a constituent, I am inspired by principles and my writing prowesses to engaged constituencies on the need to make a well informed choice.
The 2020 elections in Bawku must not be a contest of party solidarity, rather an election to securing our destiny.
We must rise above political, tribal bigotry and dogmatism and vote decisively. If the option from the NDC fraternity is skirt and blows, let as utilize it to get an inclusive leader and promising mother for all who will never get the opportunity to take us for granted.

Conclusively, Hon. Mahama Ayariga, our MP as a lawyer, One time Minister for Science and Environment, Minister for Youth and Sport, Former Presidential Spokesperson, Now ECOWAS MP will go down in history book as a Man Who Never Represented His People Well Enough!

Author: Tahiru Lukman.

Dev’t Consultant & Youth Activist.
Tel: 0209154057.


YOUNG DIAMOND is a Digital Nomad, Computer Network / CCTV installer and a Website Developer. For bookings, contact him on bawkuonline@gmail.com

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