‘I Slept With My Landlord To Raise Money For My Husband’s Medical Bills’ – Lady Shares

A random lady on the internet has shared her innermost secret in the form of a confession on how she managed to sleep with her landlord in order to raise money for her husband’s medical bills.

Apparently after the act, the landlord wants the act to continue as he intends to blackmail her if she does not kowtow to his demands. For this reason, she’s in a fix and wants to solicit advise from netizens on what to do.

She composed;

“My husband and I have been married for over five years with two kids. He worked with a reputable organization and earns a meaningful income.

We were living comfortably until an illness struck my husband and he became inactive at home and work.

Because of the illness that required major surgery, my husband lost his employment and I had to stop my teaching position to intently take care of him.

Things went from bad to worse. Almost all our properties were sold to buy expensive drugs on a weekly basis. His health deteriorated, our house rent was long overdue and the landlord threatened to send us packing.

I ran around to raise funds to offset the piled up bills but no one was willing to help. I got different excuses from family members, friends and colleagues.

I ran out of options. My husband needed urgent surgery which will cost over a million Naira or lost his life.

On the other hand, the six months notice of eviction from the house was about to elapse and I had nowhere to move the kids and my dying husband to.

My children couldn’t bear to see their father in pain and continued begging me to do something.

After being unable to raise the house rent, I decided to see the landlord and plead with him again.

The landlord offered me a soft drink when I got to his house a couple of roads away but I was unable to take it.

After listening to my predicament, he offered to help me with the money for my husband’s surgery and write-off the obligation I owe on one condition.

A beam of hope lightened up my face. I ignorantly asked the landlord what the condition was and that I was willing to do anything to save my husband’s life.

He came nearer to where I was seated and told me that the condition was to lie in bed with him.

I stood up and left his apartment in anger. I told myself that I was unable to do a particularly despicable act against my husband.

I got back to my apartment and met my husband writhing in pain. The kids were sitting near him crying uncontrollably because their father was in serious pain.

My conscience pricked me. I was unable to withstand their tears. We were running out of time. The only option available was to accept the landlord’s offer.

I picked myself up the following morning and reluctantly got back to the landlord’s apartment.

He smiled when he saw me. He gave me a check of N1.2million and a receipt of payment for the outstanding rent due of a year and 6 months. I did the unthinkable with him and afterwards, I wept on my way home.

I paid for my husband’s surgery and it was effective. My husband was discharged a couple of weeks later and was placed on post-operation medications.

Shortly after his recovery, he began to question me about how I raised the huge sum for his surgery. I had no choice but to lie to him. He wasn’t convinced. Rather he continued showing signs of ingratitude.

A couple of months later, I received a call from my landlord, demanding that I see him in his apartment for a repeat of what we did or risk exposing the truth to my husband.

I am at a crossroad. If my husband finds out the truth, my marriage will be over. If I give in to the landlord’s demand, he might continue to blackmail me.

Right now, I’m between the devil and the dark blue sea.

What can I do? I need advice.” Please comment and share .

Source: thenewsgh.com

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Tahiru Lukman

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