From Waste to Energy; The Story Of A Ghanaian Renewal Energy Entrepreneur

The drains are full of plastic; the lorry park is decorated with polythene; the compound is full of garbage; the beach is engulfing with filth. The city authorities are finding answers and the government is faced with the reality of the waste menace. Children fall sick, adults die from infections. Nature is not more attractive; the air is polluted and my people suffer the most. This is the story of waste and its impacts on mother Ghana.

The quest to find an alternative in confronting the waste mantra in Ghana has led to many expert’s and the general Ghanaian population questioning the technical and professional competence of government and duty barrier’s to finding innovative solutions to other’s; the doubts must relive their hope as an entrepreneur had found the solution to plastic waste and biodegradable.

Justin Kantavooro Yeleveilbayire hails from Daffiama in the Daffiama-Bussia-Issa District (DBI) in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is an under 40 entrepreneur who has set up a YELMAABA GHANA LIMITED, a company specialized in Biodigester construction, converting plastic into energy, and producing biofertilizer and biogas from biodegradable.

He had won has success installed Biodigesters in many households in Ghana and have constructed gasoline production plants for some institutions. The graduate of Dr. Hilla Liman Technical University College and University for Development Studies is a fast-rising entrepreneur in the area of renewable energy, invention and innovation.

Diesel Produced from plastic waste

He has built a rector with Wa that can contain 25 tonnes of plastic waste daily, which is providing jobs for over 150 people both direct and indirect.

He had been recognized in the past by MTN Heroes of Change initiatives and a grand winner in Morocco in the inventors and innovators competition. As a result of his styling work, the UNDP in 2019 giving him support to scale up.

His dream is to see Ghana adopt his innovation for plastic waste management that will create a job for over 50,000 youth and the reduction in millions of tonnes of plastic waste been thrown in the environment.

The lack of funding and enabling environment is still holding YELMAABA GHANA LIMITED from coming to the limelight.

With the issues surrounding landfill management alternative source of waste management is critical, given the prospects of Yelmaaba Ghana Limited; this could be a game-changer. Stakeholders must act quickly to adopt the initiative to change the waste management curse in Ghana.

For much information, you can contact Justin Kantavooro Yeleveilbayire on +233 (0) 541107848

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