Election 2020: Bawku Must Priotize Development, Track Records And Not Sentiments!

We have our destiny in our hands. The future is indeed uncertain; however, its influenced by our right-thinking minds. The decisions we make will surely have a direct bearing on our future. Let us not be deceived by self-serving politicians.

We must all-time rise above sentiments and deceits. Why would it take many years for our MP not to still have realize how to use his share of allocations to benefit’s the masses.

We never know in Bawku the role of the MP includes providing a portable water source, until Hon. Gabiana Abugri Gbanwaa raises the bar so high by helping to increase access to a potable drinking water source.

We never knew women and youth empowerment initiative are fundamental preconditions for our societal development, thank her candidature, have set a high standard. We must wake up from our slumber and appreciate women are not just for sexual pleasure and housewives rather the true definition of our society.

The majority of women are providing for their family, as most men are roaming and sitting under trees to take hot tea.

We must rise above sexism and not underrating women. We must demand quality, and the only bargain is the need to vote decisively to secure our future. If it would take a woman to make a significant change in Bawku once again, then we have to make that difference.

For me, the party doesn’t matter as l don’t subscribe to any political party. I am concerned because Bawku central has over the year’s compromised to achieving quality leadership.

If young men and ladies elsewhere, as MPs are advancing the course of real transformational agenda in their constituency, we cannot continue to stand aloof and allow our story to be the same.

Our elders say; the hen that will grow into a cork would be spotted from the very first day it hatches.

Let support the course of change to secure our future in Bawku Central.

Author: Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Development Consultant & Pan African Author
Tel: +233 (0) 209154057
Email: lukmantahiru@rocketmail.com


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