Dr. Kwame Nkrumah The Legacies Still Lives On…: By Tahiru Lukman

The history books has it that he was somewhere in a far land and agreed to visit home to help support the course of the nation’s struggle to liberation.

It was a wise decision he took haven indeed contributed to gained Ghana’s independence. His ideological font prints is there for all to appreciate including the unborn generation and generation yet unborn.

He fought to free Ghana from the ‘colonies enemies’ with his sense of ability to mobilize the youth, radical approach and rooted in the quest for self-government. Dr. Nkrumah apparelled legacies has made political opponents to have developed generational hatred for his achievement.

It was not surprising that, the founders of Anti Nkrumah ideological viewpoint, the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC), metamorphosed into National Liberation Movement (NLM) and later to the United Party (UP) in the second republic and to finally New Patriotic Party in the Fourth republic continue to advance a negative agenda to erode comrade Nkrumah significant contributions in the early days of independent struggles as they initiate agenda to re- write Ghana’s history by making all attempts to promote the so called legacies of their grandparents and uncles who indeed were enemies to the state.

Let me state unequivocally that though we have founding father’s, Nkrumah stands tall as the Founder of Ghana and a founding father of African unification umbrella. Eventhough, there were other leading figures; undoubtedly, Nkrumah unmatched and must be respected for saving us from the colonial witches.

Nkrumah is credited for setting a strong founding in Ghana as a truly independent state with sound socio- economic prospects. His vision to industrialized mother Ghana has brought about a lot of investment from commerce – development of habour and industrialization programmer. This saddened me if we had not over thrown him and he continues these policy initiatives where do we think Ghana would have been?

Nkrumah demonstrated intellectual quality; youth development, and empowerment of the Ghanaian. Above all he gave us the true meaning of independents and Ghana’s independent was not negotiated like that of South Africa that still allows the whites to keep their lands and dominate their economy and still making the black South African a slave in his country (South Africa).

Ghana independents clearly swept power away from the British monarch and we were defining our ideas and principles that were propelling us to socio- economic prosperity.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah instilled on to us the spirit of patriotism and pan- Africanism; his sense of discipline and yearnings desire to succeed has indeed enabled Ghana prevailed from colonial dominance.

It is not denying the fact that; Kwame Nkrumah has laid and helped in achieving the dream of organising Africa under one umbrella. It is only unfortunate that; we never have Two Nkrumah’s at that time and the African unification agenda still remained a mirage.

It is fact that a Man life will always have many sides. The other side of Nkrumah was not born out of greed and selfishness but a yearning desire to make sacrifices in order to keep the “enemy of the nation” faraway from destroy mother Ghana. In this important day of his birth; we as Ghanaian must re-examine the legacies of Ghana’s Founder, First President and Greatest Ghanaian and Blackman of the millennium of all. He has paid his due and we must glorify and help save Ghana as a failing state.

Author: Tahiru Lukman


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