From my primary school days in the 1990s to my territory level, I have met great minds, principles professional, friend’s as teachers. My relationship with my teachers has always been warm and welcoming; basically for three reason (i) one of the smartest kids among my peers (ii) confident and self […]

Miss Faiza Fuseini is a Founder and Manager of FIRST GLAMOUR MAKE-UP SERVICES in Wa. She provides excellent Service in bridal makeup, outdooring ceremony, home services, parties, facilitates training services, and other events.The young entrepreneur services are extremely excellent and guarantee quality. Miss Faiza Fuseini is a senior high school […]

A man who has held the ‘enviable’ title of the “world’s biggest penis” owner for over two decades has spoken about his experience and advised fellow men who feel inadequate because of their small size. According to HBO Documentary Private Dick, Jonah Falcon has held the unofficial title since his appearance on […]

A man who claimed to have been in marriage for the past two and a half decades has advised fellow men to marry at least two women, saying it is foolishness to be with only one woman. The US-based Nigerian man identified on Facebook as Fahad Ibrahim Danladi first gave generic […]

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