Abesim Murder: The Suspected Murderer Of A Teenager At Sunyani Was A Business Partner Of His Father’s

The Father of the 15-year-old kid, Stephen Sarpong, supposedly killed and body parts found in refrigerator has depicted the suspect, Richard Appiah, as his business companion and a neighbor who he never thought could cause him such a lot of torment.

The 28-year-old Richard Appiah is in the care of the police in Sunyani after the body portions of a JHS 2 student were found in a twofold entryway ice chest along with the inert body of his kid step-sibling, and another yet to be recognized body.

Richard is claimed to have killed his stepbrother and two other young men who matured somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 years. As per a report recorded by Graphic.com.gh, the assortment of one of the casualties was cut into pieces for certain parts supposedly kept in a cooler in his home.

12-year-old child Louis Agyemang Junior had disappeared on Friday after he had gone to the recreation center to play football yet didn’t get back as of 10 pm.

His nonattendance without follow got 56-year-old Thomas Adjei stressed and chose to look for the whereabouts of his child.

One of the companions of Louis’s anyway revealed to Adjei that he had seen Loius leave the recreation center with Richard, who turns out to be his progression sibling, during the football match.

A hunt group including the police was coordinated to search the place of Richard. Curiously, one of the entryways in the house was safely guarded however Rischard disclosed that he misplaced the keys to the room.

The entryway was in any case, powerfully opened, just to see the body of Louis found in a blood pool without his head.

The hunting party additionally discovered a sack containing human body parts in a double door fridge with three human heads and including that of Louis.
One of the heads was recognized as that of Stephen, 15, yet the personality of the third is yet to be discovered.

Mean while, according to a press released by the criminal investigation department (CID), the team investigating the case has discovered a place the suspect buried the intestines of the victims.

Read the press release below:


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