Ntim Sues For Sacrifice

The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Ayesu Ntim, has requested of party individuals and allies to consider what will be in light of a legitimate concern for the gathering even as he put it “we should forfeit our own and individual interests.”

Talking during the send off of a dedicatory book on the late Baffour Osei Akoto last Wednesday, that’s what he said “it is in the general interest and progress of the Party that our individual and aggregate government assistance might be found.”

A few matters, he noted, can be settled genially “on the off chance that we focus on the aggregate great of the Party and its objectives. The requirement for neighborly answers for our difficulties in the Party is more critical now than any other time, given the massive undertaking of our obligation to breaking the eight.”

As per Mr. Ntim, the NPP can best break the eight “in the event that we bear each other’s weight, excuse each other when we are annoyed, and work determinedly to help the public authority’s endeavors to enhance the predicaments of the Ghanaian public and inspire them to see the value in the colossal headway being made in the country under this administration.”

Taking a gander at the master plan, he expressed that there are tremendous instances of magnanimity, positive energy and vision that Okyeame Baffour Akoto and a large number of our progenitors showed, which he added “we are blissful observing Baffour Akoto’s memory today.”

During their time in the pre and prompt post-freedom period, he reviewed “the political circumstance in Ghana was very turbulent. Those days one could be projected into jail without knowing their offense, graciousness of the famous Preventive Detention Act. Individuals like Baffour Akoto might have remained easily in the royal residence and let the lawmakers do their purported messy governmental issues. He rather picked the seriously moving choice of assisting with rescuing what is going on to get genuine vote based system for the country.”

The way of thinking and rules that Baffour Akoto, JB Danquah, SD Dombo, KA Busia, and a few others of our practice embraced, he went on, have now turned into the underpinning of our vote based society, which have been extended by the enormous initiative of JA Kufuor and which are being gone on by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as leaders of the Republic.

The memory of individuals like Baffour Akoto should be a beacon that coaxes us to explore towards enthusiasm for public turn of events, he said.



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