Sexy Don Don Confesses: I Stabbed The Late J.B Danquah

Daniel Asiedu, otherwise called Sexy Don, the prime suspect in the homicide of the late Abuakwa North MP, JB Danquah-Adu, has owned up to stabbing the late MP during a showdown when he went to his Shiashie home with the aim of robbing.

The blamed, who is being investigated over the homicide of the late MP, in a frightening confirmation, showed how he went into the late MP’s room through his window in a burglary that prompted the passing of the MP.

The confirmation is contained in a video recorded during the cross examination of the blamed as well as recordings for a remaking of the crime location in the late MP’s home and were conceded by an Accra High Court where the denounced is being investigated for homicide.

The court before conceding the pen drive containing the recordings heard how Daniel Asiedu conceded that the sling and metal shaper found in the late MP’s room was his (denounced) and his confirmation that he involves the launch in heading out dogs when he goes into a house to perpetrate a wrongdoing while the metal cuter is utilized in cutting burglar-proof on the off chance that he meets a window that is thief sealed.

“As per the main denounced individual (Asiedu), he didn’t utilize them since there were no dogs in the house and the windows were not robber resistant, so after the commission of the wrongdoing he left them in the room of the departed,” Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah, the case specialist told the court yesterday.

The video which was played preceding its confirmation showed Daniel Asiedu exhibiting to police specialists how he just barely got himself through a metal wall into the house. He let them know that the security man on the job was dozing when he went into the house.

He let the agents know that he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the character of the late MP before ransacking him and just picked his room out of the part in the house since it was the one in particular that had the light turned on when he went into the house.

He showed that the glass window prompting the late MP’s room was not locked so he slid it open and went into the room, sneaked himself behind a seat and went to the bedside cabinet where he got two telephones and right when he was going to leave the room the late MP awakened to switch off the TV and spotted him. He said the late MP yelled, “hoodlum, criminal, cheat”.

He said the MP held his (charged’s) shirt around the neck solidly, and he battled with the MP. It was during the battle that Asiedu said he wounded the late MP with a pocketknife which debilitated him, and he sat on the floor close to the bed and couldn’t shout for help.

Daniel Asiedu let examiners know that he kept on scanning the space for resources while the late MP sat defenselessly and watched him do the looking.

The blamed during the reproduction for the crime location noticeably separated, went kneeling down, put his elbows on the late MP’s bed and said a request after which he made an indication of the cross before he proceeded with the exhibition.

The offering of the video was protested by Yaw Dankwa, counsel for the blamed individual, who contended that the charged was under coercion and at all material times was in bind, tormented and denied of rest and furthermore didn’t have an attorney present when the recordings were shot.

This was gone against by Sefakor Batse, a Principal State Attorney who said the denounced was loosened up all through the cross examination and the cuts on the blamed were an outcome for battling with the late MP while the one all over was a consequence of putting his head through a metal wall with thistles around it.

Equity Lydia Osei Marfo, conceded the video and said the load to be put on it is dependent upon the questioning of advice for the charged individual.

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