2021 Budget: Government is Insensitive to the Plight of Ghanaians

The 2021 budget which received parliamentary approval could be described as ’empty’. The government is reckless in terms of its economic policies and programs. It it sad that in the wake of the novel coronovirus pandemic, government will be investing more resources on communication machinery rather than focusing on resourcing statutory bodies such as the Information Service Department and the National Commission for Civil Education to intensify campaign and education to create more awareness visa via preventive mechanisms against the virus. Why will government wants to spend more on self praising activities?

The budget further exposes government insensitivity to the people of Ghana giving the introduction of new taxes. Prior to the assumption of this government in 2016, being noted for criticizing taxation as a lazy way of mobilizing revenue and assuring Ghanaians to move away from Taxation to Production, one will expect a far better approach. Is this not deception?

With one of its increasingly promises such as making Accra the cleanest city following the creation of the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, government has blown millions of Ghana Cedis and has nothing significant to show for. There is no justification for bolla tax as there seem not to be value for money in terms of our Sanitation spendings.

Again, government cannot ungratefully take advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic and share monies to party cronies and loyalist as well as given Ghanaians so called freebies and now intend to tax the very People who never asked of these freebies?

It’s sad that, government continues to allocate money to party cronies as so called business support with the view that there is hardship as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, yet it’s introduction of new taxes without corresponding increment in wages and salaries of vulnerable public and Civil Servants Ghanaians. Have the much tougher economies in the government forgotten of the Incidence of tax burden? The customer in this case the ordinary Ghanaian will bare much of the cost of production as taxes will increase cost in all spheres.

Government must as a matter of urgency, stop discriminating and wasting COVID-19 Pandemic relief fund’s disbursement to party cronies and channel it to efficient management of the coronovirus pandemic outbreak in Ghana. We need PPE, drugs and now vaccines. Why can’t government be more focused and prioritized national interest over party solidarity? The fact still remains, we are all vulnerable to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The 2020 budget had allocated huge sums of money to the Office of the Special Prosecutor with so much little to show for. The 2021 budget appears to downsize the budget with inconsistency in terms of number of staff. The budget is not giving Ghanaians hope of the government commitment in fighting corruption.

With Ghana’s debt already sky rocketing, the budget further put much strains to the country, because loans and grants remains our easy way out in mobilizing funds. It appears that, the government is not concious of burdening the country with debt, this make me fear for our children, they would probably be the ones to come and pay more debt.

It is unfortunate that government is not ensuring fiscal discipline. The experience of continues budget deficit every year is a worrying trend. Our budget doesn’t present significant trickle down effects; therefore, this budget is not going to be anything better off.
The youth are therefore entreated to make good use of business opportunities available to them nevertheless, there is no sign of job creation in this budget.

Tahiru Lukman
Author & Youth Activist
Tel: 0209154057
Email: lukmantahiru@rocketmail.com


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